Gene Burrus for Seattle City Council
gene headshot.png

“The city’s leadership has asked us to accept as an unavoidable fact of life that we must live with illegal drug markets and crime outside our doors. These are not facts of life. They are a choice by our city leadership. It’s time for a change.”

— Gene Burrus


Mission Statement

It is time for change in Seattle.  Help and compassion for the less fortunate among us; and a safe, clean, vibrant growing city that is inviting and welcoming to citizens and visitors alike are not mutually exclusive concepts.  But for too long, the Council has treated these concepts as opposites. They are not. These are the basics of governing a city: transportation, parks, police and fire; as well as lifting people from homelessness and addiction.

These basics have deteriorated under the city’s leadership over the last decade. The Seattle City Council has been consumed with fiery rhetoric but brought no solutions. It's time for a change that will bring the focus back to the basics of running a city that works for everyone.

My goal as a city council member will be to listen to and work hard for all citizens of Seattle to bring common sense, back to basics governance and management to the city. I want to make Seattle a city that works for everyone. The contempt for people working hard and living by the laws rules and norms of a city that currently emanates from city hall cannot continue. The Council must stop treating residents and the business community as adversaries and start treating them as partners in a vibrant city. A Seattle that works for everyone means working with everyone.